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Pop Culture: Music, Comedy, Movies, Sports, Tech, TV, What's Up? The Hub Show Podcast Is About Everything Old School & Anything New - Kickin' It About The Past While Predicting The Future. Baltimore, DC, New York, LA, Dallas, Philly, Boston, Tampa - Coming At You From 'Hub City'. 

Everything & Nothing

Week To Week Throughout Flyover Country - You Know, The Rest Of Us. Whatever Comes To mind... It's All There To Be Discussed: News, Health, Stand-Up Comedy, Fast Food & Fine Dining, Sports, Relationships, Cartoons, Movies, Music, And Especially Shrimp Trees.

Episode #57

The podcast crew are live in the Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens' house for an exciting evening of roller derby. 'Fighty Aphrodity' schools us up on the rules, the ups & downs of the game & also about the camaraderie between the players & the teams. 

Episode #56

Returning from his abode in sunny Florida, Captain Mango pulls up a chair & talks up the pirate life along with his adventures in independent film & on the pro wrestling circuit. It's late in life, however Jesse L. Green is just getting started.


Episode #55

The crew celebrate Jay & Shae's September birthdays live . Topics include sports, concussions, 80's TV, 90's tech, Chris's new 'blow & go' life, a Christian mosh pit, Selena, Big Brother's watching, and lots of Philly talk with Heather the bar's owner.

Episode #54

The crew kicks off season #2 with a variety of topics - 9-Ball pool tournaments, Serena Williams, avacados, football, Go-Go music, Dick Van Dyke & prescription meds, Nike, rental cars, The Lone Ranger, the color purple, and even the weather, to name a few. Plus Chris serenades Shae with a song.

Episode #52

DJ Butter Beats of Black Flag Motorsports talks up racing, cars, the 'Guns Down, Wheels Up' movement & the upcoming H2O International event. Also up for discussion is New York Hip-Hop, fish tanks, ADHD, run-ins with a rental car company, and, lastly, the (patent-pending) mechanical 'ShaeBots'.

Episode #51

Slasher film star Jesse L. Green joins Chris & Jay on the show to discuss his adventures as pirate Captain Mango & lots of Jimmy Buffet concert talk. From there, a deep dive into old school rasslin' talk as Captain Mango becomes Captain Decapitate on the four-state independent pro wrestling scene.

Episode #50

The podcast crew are live at a Hagerstown Suns baseball game. However, it's Day of The Dead and the zombies are out in full swing at the ballpark. Interviews with celebrities, authors, zombie kids plus a live performance of Tennessee Whiskey by the stadium's own Big Tony. 

Episode #49

Hosts Jay & Chris tackle slow-walking zombies, TV jingles, Foo Fighters, fried chicken, old school Las Vegas, hernia surgery & Alanis Morissette, various news headlines, and In-N-Out versus Roy Rogers.  Plus Matt Burns is on hand to provide his review of the new 'Ant-Man & Wasp' flick.

Episode #43

Live at the American Ale House, the crew kicks it about Vegas, rock & hip-hop, STEM & STEAM education, Flint Michigan, & swapping egg salad for sex. Plus Shae & Terric Higgins will review Chris's newly-discovered 1% blackness & decide if he passes the test. Good times all night on The Hub Show.