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Pop Culture

Music, Movies, Sports, Tech, TV, ComicCon... Everything Old School, Anything New. Kickin' It All About The Past While Predicting The Future. Coming To You Live From Hub City.  

Everything & Nothing

Whatever Comes To mind... Week To Week Throughout Flyover Country - You Know, The Rest Of Us. It's All There To Be Discussed: Relationships, History, Alcohol, Even Shrimp.

Episode #53

'Coach' Jamiur King joins the crew to discuss his recent trip to Atlanta for the Black Rock Fury girls basketball tournament. Injuries, Georgia peaches, Lebron James, and then the processes of modern-day dating are discussed in full, raw detail. 


Episode #52

DJ Butter Beats of Black Flag Motorsports talks up racing, cars, the 'Guns Down, Wheels Up' movement & the upcoming H2O International event. Also up for discussion is New York Hip-Hop, fish tanks, ADHD, run-ins with a rental car company, and, lastly, the (patent-pending) mechanical 'ShaeBots'.

Episode #51

Slasher film star Jesse L. Green joins Chris & Jay on the show to discuss his adventures as pirate Captain Mango & lots of Jimmy Buffet concert talk. From there, a deep dive into old school rasslin' talk as Captain Mango becomes Captain Decapitate on the four-state independent pro wrestling scene.

Episode #50

The podcast crew are live at a Hagerstown Suns baseball game. However, it's Day of The Dead and the zombies are out in full swing at the ballpark. Interviews with celebrities, authors, zombie kids plus a live performance of Tennessee Whiskey by the stadium's own Big Tony. 

Episode #49

Hosts Jay & Chris tackle slow-walking zombies, TV jingles, Foo Fighters, fried chicken, old school Las Vegas, hernia surgery & Alanis Morissette, various news headlines, and In-N-Out versus Roy Rogers.  Plus Matt Burns is on hand to provide his review of the new 'Ant-Man & Wasp' flick.

Episode #43

Live at the American Ale House, the crew kicks it about Vegas, rock & hip-hop, STEM & STEAM education, Flint Michigan, & swapping egg salad for sex. Plus Shae & Terric Higgins will review Chris's newly-discovered 1% blackness & decide if he passes the test. Good times all night on The Hub Show.