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The Ultimate Pro Wrestling Talk Show

#5 - The weight of the world

Cory Bush Pt.2

It's part 2 of our interview with indie star Cory Bush - all about his breakout from the local Maryland scene & moving on to other pro wrestling hot spots including down into the Carolinas.

episode #4

Guest: Mark Brown

Episode #4 of the ultimate pro wrestling podcast with guest Ring Of Honor producer Mark Brown. All about his start in the industry that lead to working with ROH. Also about his freelance work with the Baltimore Orioles & the Washington Redskins.

episode #3

Guest: Cory Bush

This week, we interview “The Weight of the World” - indie star Cory Bush about his start in the world of wrestling as well as some of his favorite stories from his early days performing at the House of Pain in Hagerstown, Maryland.



Each via phone from their quarantine bunkers during the COVID-19 situat, host Mike Riddick & friends break down the latest from AEW -  All Elite Wrestling - as their ratings begin to surpass WWE's. Chris Jericho, the angles, the women's division, the pros & cons; its all broken down this week on The


The Podcast Pit

It's the premiere-yet-preview of The Podcast Pit: look at what's to come on what we promise will be the best show dedicated to the world of professional wrestling.